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August 21, 2017

Ola, Idaho 

11:26 am MDT

Right smack in the CENTER of the 70-mile wide Path of 100% Totality!

We find a desolate spot that only about 10 other folks have also discovered... beautiful clear, blue skies this morning.

I had not planned on shooting any of the actual two minutes of totality, but I was so awestruck that I grabbed my Canon Ph. D. camera ("Push here, Dummy'). No filters, no tripod, and using only the built-in 24mm to 1200mm lens, shooting all the full eclipse photos within a 10-second period. I then admired the eclipse with my unaided eyes until we had to put the safety glasses back on.

I struggle to find the words to describe my feelings at what a privilege it is to see this in person. The 800-mile journey north from Las Vegas was WELL worth it.

Don Shook